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Most private tenants don’t recieve any energy performance information

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The government has admitted that three quarters of privately rented homes have landlords that are breaking the law when it comes to informing their tenants of their energy performance.

Anyone who rents a property must display an Energy Performance Certificate, ranking it from A to G – by law. A Freedom of Information request submitted by the campaign group 10:10 showed that only 26 % of provately rented homes complied.


Energy Performance Certificates provide a simple measure that shows the benefits of efficiency programmes such as the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation. An absence of information could make it difficult for energy companies to promote such schemes.

Dave Timms, acting executive director of 10:10, which aims to inspire people to save energy, criticised the poor compliance rate.

He said: “Having a basic picture of the performance of the housing stock seems to be just about the first step we need to take, yet we are still not getting it right. Government has consistently done the minimum needed to meet the legislation.

“We are talking about measures that will save households and businesses money as well as cutting carbon.”

Social housing figures and home sales were better with 75% and 95% respectively.

Responding to the FoI request, the Department for Communities and Local Government said it was not able to confirm the accuracy of the data, which came from work done in 2012 and had not been quality assured.

Timms was not impressed. “A best guess is all government seems to have,” he said. “They are doing as little as possible, as slowly as possible.”




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