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MP’s want to put fracking on hold in UK

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MPs tabled changes to a law which will let oil companies drill under peoples homes without permission, to prevent this from happening and  put fracking on hold in the UK.

The cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) argued against drilling  from shale rock today, without safeguards being put in place.

MPs dismissed the need for a moratorium on fracking four years ago, but amendments to the Infrastructure bill have been voted on today which contain plans to frack under properties without express permission of the owners.

EAC comittee chairperson MP Joan Walley said this was “profoundly undemocratic”.

Their report on the environmental risks in fracking claimed shale gas still has to be properly consoled with the UK’s targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Other demands in the report include: a ban on fracking “outright” in protected and nationally important areas and all water source protection zones, as well as full containment of methane emissions from wellheads.

Ms Walley added: “Ultimately fracking cannot be compatible with our long-term commitments to cut climate changing emissions unless full-scale carbon capture and storage technology is rolled out rapidly, which currently looks unlikely. There are also huge uncertainties around the impact that fracking could have on water supplies, air quality and public health.”

Onshore Energy Services Group the drilling trade body have criticised the report saying that “fails to take into account” evidence about safety regulations.

Interim Chief Executive Lee Petts said: “There can be no justification for a further fracking moratorium. Every aspect of shale gas extraction has been carefully and thoroughly assessed in the last three and a half years.”

He alleged the report’s timing and the “haste” of the EAC inquiry “suggest that this is just a fig leaf for an attack intended to torpedo the Infrastructure Bill”.



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