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National Ice Centre cuts carbon footprint by over 118 tonnes

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solar panels -national ice centre

The National Ice Centre and Captital FM in Nottingham have reduced their carbon footprint by more than 118 tonnes over the last year with solar panels.

The solar system of 1,000 panes has been on the roof for a year, with a saving of almost £40,000 off the centre’s energy bills.

Nottingham installer EvoEnergy put up the 250 kWp array in six weeks last summer.

Generating 224,000 kWh of electricity since the end of September, it has created 10% more power than predicted.

Lee Chadburn, Facilities Manager at the venues said: “Having this system in place helps to ensure we can carry on making savings year-on-year, and allows us to be proud of our ‘Greener Arena’ status as an eco-friendly venue.”

Mark Kershaw, Project Manager for EvoEnergy, said: “The arena is one of Nottingham’s most recognisable landmarks so we are pleased and proud to showcase our work with such a prestigious client and venue.

“One year on, it’s great to see the impact that solar is having for the venue and to know that each time the world’s biggest entertainment stars perform in Nottingham, it’s clean, green solar power that’s helping them do so.”



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