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New electricity tariff launched by Good Energy for customers near wind farm

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Good Energy have launched a new tariff for customers living near it’s UK Delabole wind farm in north Cornwall.

People living within 2km of the 9.2 MW wind farm will get a 20% discount on the company’s standard electricity price, saving around £100 per year.

In addition to this discount which will be available next year, customers will receive a ‘windfall’ credit of £50 every year that the turbines exceed their expected performance.

This news bolsters recent community renewables developments which include Westmill’s 5 MW solar farm in Oxfordshire, which was vastly oversubscribed for it’s 4 million share offer, and now the largest community owned solar farm in the world.

“Good Energy is leading the UK wind industry with a new model ensuring that people who live near our wind farms share in their success,” says CEO Juliet Davenport. “Wind power has a huge role to play in meeting the UK’s future energy needs, and we think that it’s only right that our local communities should be recognised for their contribution.”

68% of the local residents surveyed said they would consider switching suppliers to benefit from the new tariff. Good Energy said the new tariff will be offered as and when new wind farms are developed across the country. By 2016, the company is aiming to develop some 110 MW renewable energy using various technologies.

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