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New energy street lights could save 40% in London

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A usage saving of 40% could be made in London by 2016 with new plans for energy saving LED lighting in the capital.

Transport for London hopes to make a saving of £ 1.85 million per year with the scheme, which will be centrally controlled.

This could also cut CO2 from the energy use by around 9,700 tonnes a year.

The first phase of the scheme will cost £10.9 million, which the company expects to receive  back in energy savings.

The transport body intends to update 35,000 of it’s 52,000 street lights during regular maintenance by 2016, with the majority of it’s lamps being changed to LED within the next 10 years.

Boris Johnson said this was the biggest improvement to modernise main street lighting in London’s history.

He said: “With tens of thousands of lights marking the way on our road network it makes complete sense to focus energy and resources on bringing them up to 21st century standards.”

Dana Skelley, Director of Asset Management at TfL said: “The performance and cost effectiveness of energy efficient lighting has improved considerably over the last few years. Our aim is to provide assets fit for the future.”

The new central management system will allow Transport for London to remotely check up on lighting at any time of day or night.

Past changes to road lighting in London proved successful according to TfL. It says new LEDs along the Upper Thames Street Tunnel in June 2011 brought a 60% drop in energy use. The Mayor has set a target of a 60% reduction in London’s CO2 emissions by 2025.




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