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New Smart Grid Initiative Established by ITU

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The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has established a Joint Coordination Activity on Smart Grid and Home Networking (JCA-SG&HN) and has it has the main focus of its smart grid and home networking standardization activities.

The Joint Coordination Activity ( the new JCA) has its first meeting on May 9th.The scope of the JCA-SG&HN is the coordination, both inside and outside of the ITU, of standardization work concerning all network aspects of smart grid and related communication, including smart meters, home energy management and data concentrator, as well as home networking.

It will provide a visible point of contact for home networking and smart grid activities in the ITU, coordinating them within the organization and encouraging support from the relevant bodies working in these fields.

The JCA will also facilitate work within the ITU-T study groups and identify areas where specifications are needed.

The JCA-SG&HN is convened by Richard Stuart of Lantiq, with Les Brown of Lantiq and Stefano Galli of Assia acting as co-conveners.

In May 2010, the ITU Focus Group on Smart Grid was established to review smart grid standards. It concluded in December 2011, after deliverables including use cases for smart grid, architecture for smart grid, requirements for communication and overview.

A recent report it  produced on broadband and low carbon economy the Broadband Commission and ITU highlighted the role of ICT and broadband in smart grids.





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