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New Thames Water wind turbine for Crossness sewage works

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A new £5 million wind turbine is being installed at Crossness Sewage works to give 4% of it’s power at the East End sewage plant. On a windy day the turbine is expected to give a power equivalent to the usage of up to 13,000 homes.

Crossness will become the first sewage plant to utilise wind, sun and human waste to power it’s plant which will meet 29% of it’s total electricity demand.

Solid leftovers are burnt from the sewage treatment process to generate enough electricity to power 7,000 homes. Solar power creates an equivalent usage of 400 homes.

Thames Water’s project is set to be up and running by November this year, and forms a part of it’s programme to generate 20% of it’s electricity needs by 2015. Beckton Sewage works, which is also in East London, is also due to install a wind turbine later this year.




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