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Northern Ireland Water cuts prices

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NI Water is due to lower it’s non-domestic water and sewerage prices by around 2.7% from April.

The retail price index (RPI) is currently running at just above 3%, therefore the company says the reduction is particularly noteworthy.

Metered customers will see a reduction in their combined water and sewerage charges of around 1.3% with unmetered customers seeing a fall of around 3.6%.

The reduction has been attributed to the cost efficiencies made during the Price Control  period.

The charges have been welcomed by the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, and have been approved by the Utility Regulator.

Antoinette McKeown, chief executive of the consumer group, said: “At a time when significant financial pressures continue to have an impact on businesses and farms, any reduction in prices is good news.”

McKeown encouraged the customers to ensure they will benefit from allowances available to them, by looking at the Scheme of Charges which sets out what NI Water will charge for all of it’s services.



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