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November saw switching numbers double

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Double the number of energy customers moved to new suppliers in November, according to figures from Electralink.

614,000 customers changed suppliers last month which is double than the previous month. It is also the highest level since 2010.

Independent suppliers benefited from the switching increase, with 125,000 consumers switching to a company out of the big six suppliers.

This data did not however include the customers who changed their tariff but stayed with the same supplier.

Angela Knight, chief executive at Energy UK, said the figures proved that the energy retail market is “working well”.

She added: “The sharp increase in the number of people switching between companies and the number of fast growing smaller suppliers shows this is the case.

“It is an example of the energy market working, putting the needs of the customers first, providing a competitive and transparent market.

“The energy sector is a competitive market with a number of options available to consumers but, as with any purchase, it always pays to shops around for the deal which suits you best.

“Customers can get the information they need from the companies themselves or can trust any comparison site displaying the Ofgem Confidence Code to be impartial.”




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