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Npower announces energy cuts of 2.6%

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Energy supplier Npower has announced a reduction in around 2.6% in response to the government’s recent changes to energy bills.

The Npower customers whose bills went up in December will see the reduction in their bills, including those on fixed rates, with 2.6 million dual-fuel customers seeing on average a reduction of £50.

500,000 electricity-only customers will receive a £12 rebate in the autumn.

This comes after Npower increased their prices by an average of 10.4%, the highest increase of the big six. EDF, Eon and Scottish Power have received criticism for not including those on fixed tariffs in their price cuts. British Gas, SSE and Npower have included those on fixed rates.

Npower are the last to announce price cuts following the government’s alteration to the green levies .






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