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Ofgem invests £45 million in low-carbon technologies

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Energy regulator Ofgem is investing £45.5 million in 5 diverse low-carbon projects.

The Low Carbon Networks (LCN) fund, which was set up three years ago, aims to make the electricity distribution network smarter and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Southern Electric Power Distribution and EA Technology will receive £4.2 million to pursue the ‘intelligent socket’ idea, which aims to allow a cluster of electric vehicles to recharge without overloading the network.The project will be carried out at a number of sites around the UK.

Ofgem has awarded Scottish Power Distribution £7.4 million to test a ‘holistic’ approach to the connection of renewables in the Scottish borders region, while Western Power Distribution will receive £13.5 million to investigate a technical issue that can limit the connection of distributed power sources.

Another two projects to get the go ahead are Electricity North West’s investigation of reducing peak demand with reduced voltage, which gets £7.2 million, and UK Power Networks’ Bedfordshire-based initiative to look at battery options for energy storage, which gets £13.2 million.

“The energy mix and technology is changing and the way networks operate has to change too,” says Ofgem’s senior partner for distribution, Hannah Nixon. “By promoting investment in innovation now we can help avoid problems and expensive fixes in the future.”



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