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Ofgem protects businesses from missold energy

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ofgemNew powers have been given to Ofgem by the government to prevent business customers from misleading marketing from ‘rogue brokers’.

Under the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations (BPMMR), the energy regulator has the powers to “clamp down” on brokers or other organisations that are selling energy services or products to businesses in a misleading way.

Brokers found to be misselling products or services could face a court injunction forcing them to comply with marketing legislation.

Ofgem researched businesses views of energy brokers and found that 32% of micro-businesses had a negative view of energy brokers, while a third of all businesses (31 per cent) did not consider that brokers had been upfront about the cost of their services.

21% of micro-businesses didn’t think that brokers gave ‘accurate information on the services they offer’.

Philip Cullum, consumer partner at Ofgem, said: “It’s crucial for our economy that Britain’s small businesses get a fair deal in the energy market.

“Getting help from a broker can assist in keeping bills down, but business consumers need to feel confident that they know – and get – what they’re paying their broker for.”



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