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Ofgem reveal suppliers are failing to meet the Eco targets

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According to the latest figures released from Ofgem, most of the biggest seven suppliers are struggling to meet the Energy Company Obligation (Eco) targets.

Almost a year after the scheme began, SSE, Npower, First Utility and British Gas all have met less than 10 per cent of their Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO).

SSE has only met 8% of it’s target, whilst Npower has 3% and First Utility have failed to meet any of it’s CERO target. British Gas have also not made much headway in their work approved by or notified to Ofgem.

These companies are also falling short in the Carbon Saving Community Obligation ( CSCO), with SSE having 18%, Npower 2%, British Gas 6% and First Utility with no measures recorded at all.

First Utility have however made good progress with the Affordable Warmth (HHRCO) obligation, having 60 per cent of its target either approved or notified to Ofgem, with a spokesperson saying they were “confident” they would meet all the obligations by March 2015 deadline and that they “are where we had expected to be in terms of our progress.” SSE (13 per cent), Npower (18 per cent) and British Gas (9 per cent) have recorded a relatively low percentage in meeting their HHRCO targets.

However, Eon has been making good progress with it’s obligations, has met or has notified Ofgem about 26 per cent of its CERO, 62 per cent its CSCO, and 74 per cent of its HHRCO targets.

Director of energy efficiency at Eon, Don Leiper said the company had been “working extremely hard” to meet its Eco targets whilst managing its costs to prevent its customers paying more than is necessary.

However, he added “now is not the time to scale back on energy efficiency” and that Eco should be funded through general taxation “so the costs of the schemes fall more fairly on those able to fund them”.






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