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ONZO demonstrates Smart Metering 2.0 at European Utility Week

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onzo_logoONZO is displaying a working demonstration of their vision of the future of Smart Metering at European Utility Week, using their field-proven EPEG technology.

Today, for the most part, utilities are recording and storing data from Smart Meters at levels of resolution that are needed for billing, typically at 15 minute, half-hour or hourly intervals.  Higher resolution data can provide much more valuable insight.

ONZO has developed a set of advanced detection and compression algorithms which convert 1 second energy readings within the meter into highly compressed data files, allowing high resolution data to be transmitted over existing wide area networks cost-effectively.

ONZO can run algorithms on smart meter data to help utilities be more effective at attracting and retaining customers, segmenting and targeting their customer base, reducing the cost of call centres, minimising the cost of theft, and developing new revenue streams. ONZO’s load disaggregation algorithms which are most effective with higher resolution data significantly enhance the quality of insight that underpins all these applications.

ONZO’s EPEG technology has been field tested in over 150,000 smart energy kits, installed with SSE customers in the UK.  ONZO is now making their EPEG technology available to smart meter and CT-based sensor manufacturers to make their products smarter.

The live demonstration can be seen on the Freescale booth (F45b) at European Utility Week, taking place from 15–17 October 2013 in the RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam.  ONZO has implemented their algorithms within a Freescale MKM3x meter, illustrating the ability to create a highly competitive Smart Metering 2.0 electricity meter with enhanced data resolution at a fraction of the cost of current Smart Meters.  The compact EPEG code is easily ported to any smart meter, allowing vendors to offer this functionality with minimal time-to-market.

“Getting access to high resolution data is a key step in business transformation for the energy business”, said Joel Hagan, CEO of ONZO.  “Today’s smart meters aren’t as smart as the name implies – they only enable marginal efficiency gains for utility’s current business models.  High resolution data is a must as the industry moves towards a future of distributed generation and enhanced customer services.  Our proven EPEG technology makes that available today, with the added advantage of drastically reducing meter deployment costs.”

The high resolution data returned from EPEG enabled meters can be used for many value-added and transformational services, including:

Load Disaggregation and Appliance Detection
Customer Segmentation
Intelligent Fraud Detection and Revenue Protection
Smart Home Automation
Appliance Monitoring and Maintenance
Intelligent Demand Response
Personal Tariffing
As the leading provider of utility analytics, ONZO can provide data analysis algorithms to support all of these applications.  ONZO’s broad range of IP protected analysis solutions allows energy suppliers to bring new levels of insight to their business processes.



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