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Over a third of UK households considering installing solar panels

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According to research from Accenture, 35% of households are considering solar panels in the next five years.

The annual New Energy Consumer research, which surveyed 652 UK energy consumers, found that the increase from 8 per cent of households considering installing solar panels was “predominantly driven by a desire to become more energy independent”.

73% of households said that they thought their supplier could do more to help them reduce their energy bills, but only 24% said they understood the reasons why the energy companies have made the recent price increases.

Accenture’s annual global survey was based on questionnaire-led interviews with 13,720 residential consumers in 26 countries, conducted online in native languages for Accenture by Harris Interactive. It is a quantitative survey with a sample statistically representative of the general population in each country, with the exception of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand, where the sample was representative of the urban populations.



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