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Press anger at British Gas profits

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The UK press has shown its anger over the latest announcements that British Gas profits are up 11%, only months after putting up fuel bills.
Big bonuses have been given to executives and large dividends to shareholders, whilst poor families are turning off the heating for fear of unaffordable bills.

The Daily Telegraph reports that pensioners living in rural areas could be given their winter fuel payments in summer time to allow them to take advantage of lower energy prices.

According to the paper, Energy Minister Baroness Verma has promised to consider a suggestion by Plaid Cymru peer Lord Wigley to pay the allowance early so that pensioners can plan ahead.
This move could benefit over a million pensioners who live off the grid, to allow them to buy their own oil or gas.
The Daily Mirror says that the profits are a breach of trust, and the Daily Mail says that in the midst of a financial crisis, the news is a test of customer tolerance.



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