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Prime Minister slammed for “wooing the oil & gas industry”

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David Cameron was slammed  by green groups yesterday for “wooing the oil and gas industry” by dropping the concerns regarding climate change.

Cameron teamed up with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond  to keep the energy sector on side of the independence referendum debate, but with some opposed to his methods.

He recently said that he “very much suspected” that climate change was one of the reasons behind the recent floods.

Friends of the Earth Economics Campaigner David Powell said: “Before the flood waters have receded, the Prime Minister has gone back to wooing the oil and gas industry.

“Squeezing every last drop of oil from the North Sea will increase the risk of more extreme weather like we have seen in recent weeks.”

WWF Scotland’s Lang Banks agreed, saying: “While it’s true that the oil and gas industry is and will continue to be a major contributor to our economy for some time, we should really be setting out a plan to sensibly transition away from dirty fossil fuels.”

Cleaner forms of energy should be used by the engineers in the oil and gas industry, he said.



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