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Protestors march on London Energy UK building

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Around 100 protestors marched from the Institute of Directors to the Energy Uk building in Regent Street chanting “Public Energy Now” and “Bring Down the Big Six”.

The energy giants are accused of causing a significant number of deaths in relation to cold homes in the UK.

The protest brought traffic to a standstill with banner waiving campaigners holding up “Pensioners say no more deaths from fuel poverty’ and ‘Energy rights not Energy UK”.

They were protesting against fuel poverty as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed there were 18,200 excess winter deaths in England and Wales in 2013/14.


Many people on low incomes are struggling to pay energy bills and have to choose between heating their homes and putting food on the table, during winter months.

The latest figure is however the lowest number since records began in 1950/51 due to warmer-than-average weather, according to the report.

Previous estimates from the World Health Organisation linked 30% of winter deaths in Europe to cold homes – which suggests more than 6,000 UK deaths last year were a result of the chill.



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