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Renewable energy will not meet it’s 2020 target

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wind farm at sea

It has been claimed that the UK’s renewable energy sector is unlikely to meet it’s 2020 target.

All member states of the EU have an obligation to increase their proportion of energy consumption from renewables to 20% by 2020.

14 EU member states are said to be unlikely to meet their deadlines, with Jana Nysten Legal Advisor for the European Renewable Energies Foundation saying at a briefing “If member states don’t step up their game and do business as usual, then we’re not getting where we need to get.”

There is a big question mark surrounding the consequences if member states do not meet these targets, she added.

“Infringement procedures can only be initiated once the targets aren’t met after 2020.”

Tim Yeo, MP and Chair of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee said: “A more radical approach on incentives for (green) electricity is needed.”



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