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Renewables trade groups split

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The Renewable Energy Association and the Solar Trade Association will part company formally on the 1st January 2015, as announced by both companies today.

The statement said that the companies are splitting up to concentrate on their own strengths, following the merger of STA with REA’s Solar Power Group in March 2011.

STA Chairman Jan Sisson said that the solar power has grown from almost nothing at the start of this parliament to providing nearly 10% of all renewable power over the last quarter, with subsidy-free solar now a possibility in the near future.

Speaking on the split Sisson said “The STA and the REA have been key to these achievements, which were unimaginable when we first started working together… Solar has come of age and has become a significant presence in the UK renewable market. As this market has expanded, so too must the STA to meet the new challenges ahead. It is vital that solar energy strengthens its voice, particularly with an eye on the increasingly competitive post-subsidy world.”

The government confirmed plans to cut support for new large scale solar farms above 5MW in size from 01/04/2015 2 years ahead of schedule, despite threats from four UK solar companies that they will bring forward a a legal case against the government’s decision.

REA chairman Martin Wright said the group will “continue to apply our unparalleled policy expertise and strong relations with Government to the goal of securing a bright future for UK solar energy.”

Both companies have said they will continue to work together on areas of mutual interest.



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