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Scottish shale gas is estimated to be in the “billions”

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scottish shale

New estimates from the British Geological Survey show there are billions of barrels of shale gas and oil tucked away in Scotland’s Midland Valley in underground reserves.

In a report commissioned by the Government, the geologists estimate there’s between 3.2 billion and 11.2 billion barrels of oil and between 49.4 and 134.6 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas.

The West Lothian oil-shale unit, an underground belt of oil which was drilled by the Victorians, forms the largest chunk.

This is only an estimate however, and does not show how much can be recovered. It only gives an idea of the volume of hydrocarbons held in the rock formations.

A war of words broke out at the news – with trade body UKOOG describing it as “reassurance to investors” wanting to explore for oil and gas in Scotland.

Environmentalists at WWF Scotland urged ministers “to start leaving some fossil fuels, including shale gas, in the ground”.



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