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Shortage in capacity could lead to power cuts

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According to reports, Ofgem is expected to reveal over the coming weeks that storage in gas operated plants has declined as more facilities shut down and coal fired plants struggle to keep capacity alive.

The energy regulator has faced criticism that households could be plunged into darkness over the next few years due to the closures.

Average costs of household bills could soar by up to a fifth due to reliance on imported gas.

An Ofgem spokesperson said that the regulator would be publishing it’s next capacity report “in September”.

There was a recent survey by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers found that 64 per cent of people were worried about energy blackouts, while 93 per cent of those surveyed were worried about higher gas and electricity bills.

Over half of the 2034 people surveyed said that they wanted the government to support the construction of more renewable energy sources.

A third of them said they would consider making an investment in small-scale community owned renewable projects and a quarter said they would consider in investing in energy bonds where the money would be used to fund large energy infrastructure projects.



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