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Small energy suppliers remaining the best deal against the Big Six

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Money SuperMarket has shown that the smaller suppliers have consistently offered the best energy deals for customers over the last six months, in comparison to the Big Six.

Results of an analysis by the comparison site showed that despite many of the Big Six making high cuts to their best deals of up to £189 over the last 6 months, smaller companies tariffs remain cheaper.

The cheapest tariff is currently being offered by Extra Energy and would cost the average customer £958 a year.

The analysis shows that four of the big six cut their prices over the last six months with only SSE and British Gas failing to lower the price of their cheapest tariff. Instead they increased the price, with British Gas adding £137 to its tariff.

Over the last 6 months Co-operative Energy was shown by Money SuperMarket as having lowered its’ top tariff by the most over the 6 month period with a reduction of £174, or 15 per cent, to £1,008.

MoneySuperMarket’s energy expert, Stephen Murray said: “While it is good to see the cost of energy finally falling, providers should play fair and pass on the saving on standard tariffs in order to help hard-pressed households just as we head into the most costly period for energy usage.”

“Six months ago only one supplier was offering a tariff with an average bill sub £1,000, but now there are five, with a further three only just over that threshold.”



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