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Smart Grid Hub From EFR Allows Usage Readings to be Displayed on PC’s

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A new version of the smart grid communication module from German company EFR (Europaeische Funk-Rundsteuerun) means that readings from electronic meters can be displayed on a computer screen.

Users of EasyMeter can analyse their usage and energy costs using a web browser. The server also includes access to historical data and summaries with diagrams that show readings over the last 2 months, which increases consumer awareness of consumption and identifies possible ways of energy saving.

The hub also has a built-in, long wave receiver which is used for communication with market partners. Additional communication channels internet connection over ethernet, powerline communication or GPRS, depending on the device configuration – support two-way communication. New tariff schedules can be downloaded to the smart meter, and usage data can be sent by the consumer to the relevant service provider for billing.

The smart grid hub’s built-in web server allows the consumer’s usage figures to be displayed and analyzed on the computer without any need for the data to go beyond the house.



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