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Smart Grid scorecard released

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Dr Jerry Jackson, Smart Grid Consortium

The Smart Grid Research Consortium has released a scorecard for utilities to enable them to evaluate the smart grid and planning process.

The object of the scorecard is to identify specific technologies and programs that best meet utility financial requirements.

For utilities that are yet to become involved in the smart grid process, the scorecard details issues to consider when developing in-house investment analysis, planning capabilities or when engaging consultants.

Dr Jerry Jackson, leader and research director of the Smart Grid Research Consortium said ” We have drawn on our experience developing and implementing the Smart Grid Investment Model at 15 utilities since 2010 to provide this evaluation process”.

The scorecard is compiled into 6 categories AMI/DA investment planning scope, customer engagement investment/planning scope, other financial items, utility customer detail, investment analysis quantitative framework, and ease of use/user interface/ results presentation.



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