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Smart Grid Security Lead by McAfee and NitroSecurity

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The foundation of cyber security is governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), but GRC for smart grids has only recently been developed.

Pike Research has published a new report that states ““the vendors that have focused most tightly on control systems innovation, and somewhat distanced themselves from the field, are McAfee/NitroSecurity and Industrial Defender.”

The senior analyst from Pike Research, Bob Lockhart says “Despite the fact that governance, risk management, and compliance are essential requirements for any cyber security program, this is not a well-served market for smart grids. Pike Research expects that to change in the coming two to three years, but at present we have not identified a single vendor that combines the necessary innovation, scale, and smart grid focus to be considered a leader in this area.”

There is a report entitled “Smart Grid Cyber Security Governance, Risk Management and Compliance” by Pike Research which compares and evaluates 14 of the leading cyber security governance, risk management and compliance vendors in the market and rates them on : go-to-market strategy, product strategy and roadmap, strategy and execution, partners, technical innovation, geographic reach, market share, sales and marketing, product performance and features, product portfolio, control system focus and staying power.






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