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Smart Grids – Outlook for the Russian market and pilot projects for the Perm region

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Last year, IDGC Holdings and Integrated Energy Systems who are 2 of the leading Russian energy companies started a Smart metering pilot project in the area serviced by IDGC of the Urals.It was launched as part of the “Count.Save.Pay” federal program drawn up by the Technology Development and Update Commission attached to the office of the Russian President.

The key focus lies in identifying the best technologies used for arranging retail market metering, recognising potential problems and resolutions to the problems, decreasing energy loss and improving customer service.

As part of this project the energy companies are looking into creating a metering automated control system (or ACS). It will include boundary meters for domestic and commercial customers, data-collection units installed on transformer substations as well as a data aquisition and processing centre.The  project will be launched at Permenergo in 2011-12. The compnay plans to replace and mount approx 50,000 smart meters in the Perm region.

Permergo Director, Oleg Zhdanov said “Certainly it is rather a pain-staking project, but it will have significant repercussions because it is aimed at teaching our customers how to manage their own energy consumption. The project is designed to create and open system and any consumer can sign in and see their own consumption and payments. The use and analysis of such information is should help our customers to take deliberate energy-saving measures.”


Over 50 Russian meter producers showed interest in the project. Technical expertise has determined the short-list and after negotiations they received an offer to generate technical solutions for a particular Perm urban district.


Installations of the new meters began in June 2011. 150 apartment buildings are currently being equipped with the devices, with the overall quantity of the meters exceeding 15,000 . The devices may use several tariffs, metering both consumption value and capacity (the latter being important for network parameters calculation) as well as being able to send feedback remotely.

Residents of the area are satisfied with the improvements, ” A 3 tariff meter is very convenient for us, since we are out in the daytime. We manage all out household duties, such as washing, cleaning and cooking in the evening, when the tariff is low.We also like the design of the meters and the ease of use” they commented.

There are also plans to determine the efficiency of the project. After a full review, there is a possibility of updating business processes related to metering by gridcos and retail suppliers.

























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