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Smart meter benefits prove popular with customers

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According to a new report by O2, customers are attracted to smart home applications that smart meters provide.

A YouGov poll that was commissioned by O2 showed that 60% of consumers liked the idea of a “home of the future” with controllable accessories, making smart meters more appealing.

Energy savings were less popular however,  with only 23% of customers saying energy prices would fall and 18% stating that they would switch to a smart meter if the overall savings were £50 or less per year.
David Taylor, managing director, M2M at Telefonica Digital UK, said “in order to secure broad consumer support for smart meters it is important to communicate both the rational benefits – potential cost savings, carbon reduction – and also paint a compelling vision of the near term future, with the smart home providing customers with a range of connected devices and services”.

A focus group took part in the research, Helen Rowley of Mumsnet was one of them and they suggested that real time saving activities are appealing, such as coming home to a pre-heated oven.





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