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Smart Meter campaign to be launched by British Gas

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British Gas are due to start a smart meter  advertising campaign this week, across print and digital media, ahead of the national rollout due to start in 2015.

Commercial Director for British Gas Smart Metering Paul Nickson said that “public awareness was very low” with British Gas estimating that only a quarter of people knew what smart meters were all about.

He added: “I think there is confusion around what smart is and we need to do a huge amount of work around that awareness.”

Over 1 million houses already have smart meters installed by British Gas, and the company have a mobile app called Mobile Energy (Me), aimed at customers in their twenties who live in rented accommodation.

The app that’s been launched via mobileenergy.co.uk and via social media sites, will allow customers to divide bills with their housemates, submit readings, easily predict how much their bills will be, and move their accounts when they change their addresses.

Some updates to the app will allow customers to compare their usage with neighbours, a call back service from the call centre, and integration with smart meters and heating control.




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