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Smart Meter roll out faces 3 month delay

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smart-meterThe mass rollout of the smart meters in the UK could be delayed by three months by the Data and Communication Company (DCC).

This has already been pushed back a year by the Government who said there needed to be more time to create the infrastructure needed.

Capita won the DCC contract last year and are consulting on delaying the date when it’s smart meter communications infrastructure goes live due to “a delay to an important specification outside of the DCC’s control”. The go live date could be moved to December 2015.

In a statement, Capita said: “We have therefore consulted with the energy industry on what we should do in the best interests of consumers and the industry.

“We are currently assessing industry’s views and we will shortly be in a position to make a proposal to Government on the impact for the roll-out schedule.”

The delay follows plans by the government to allow older specification (SMETS 1) smart meters to count towards the suppliers targets for the newer specification (SMETS2) meters.

Beama, the trade association for the UK electrical manufacturing industry, said Decc’s proposals would lead “to a more seamless transition into SMETS 2”.

A spokesperson added: “If this doesn’t happen then it’s likely suppliers will wait until SMETS 2 to invest and this may have a knock on effect on the rollout end dates.”



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