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SSE escapes Ofgem investigation into technical non-compliance

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SSE company logoSSE has narrowly escaped a Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert) investigation by Ofgem after falling short of it’s obligation target.

The initial report in May 2013 showed that the company didn’t achieve it’s targets, falling short of it’s priority group (99.7%) super priority group (73.8%) and one licence of it’s insulation obligation (99.83%) in May 2013.

The latest figures show that SSE has met both the priority and super priority group obligations, but has failed to meet the insulation obligation.

The supplier met 101 per cent of its overall insulation obligation target, but fell short in one licence area, resulting in a “technical non-compliance”

Ofgem is not going to investigate the failure, as the company ‘delivered in excess of it’s obligation targets’ and the failure is not an ongoing or repeat offence.

Ofgem explained the decision in an enforcement document by saying “Ofgem considers that resources can be better allocated elsewhere.

“However, this matter forms part of SSE’s compliance history and Ofgem would consider any repeat offence to be a serious matter.”



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