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SSE fraud investigation into it’s mis-selling tactics

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Labour MP Barry Gardiner has written to Scotland Yard to investigate into SSE’s mis-selling tactics to check if fraud was committed.

Gardiner sits on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and argued that judgement was down to the courts to decide, despite Ofgem stating that it did not plan to hand over any information gathered to police.

His call echoed anger in sections of the media. A column in the Herald Scotland called mis-selling a euphemism for fraud and said the £10.5 million fine imposed by Ofgem amounted to no more than a tap on the wrist.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror complained SSE chief executive Ian Marchant was refusing to answer questions. These included why the company was making affected customers call them for compensation rather than do it automatically, whether anyone had lost their job over the scandal and: “Do you feel you are morally entitled to accept your £15 million golden handshake?”

SSE commented that it was a matter for Ofgem who had already taken action by imposing the heavy fine.



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