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SunEdison hunts for UK’s most solar savvy street

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SunEdison, a US renewable energy firm has launched a competition to find the UK’s most solar savvy street.

The prize is 10 years worth of solar-generated electricity to participants in the winning street or #BritainsBrightestStreet.

Homeowners taking part can save 45% on their energy bills the company claims.

It will also donate a free solar panel system to the street who can nominate a local school or community building of their choice to be the beneficiary.

The participant and a minimum of five neighbours must have standard pitched roofs that face South or South West to get the full benefit from the sun’s rays and should be within close proximity of each other.

Mark Babcock, Vice President of SunEdison said: “Not only will the selected neighbours benefit from the free installation and maintenance of solar panels, they will also be saving money off their electricity bills by taking advantage of 10 years’ worth of free energy from the sun’s rays.”



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