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Ten year fuel-from-waste deal sign up for British Airways

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British Airways has signed up to a ten year deal to purchase jet fuel from waste material, worth $500 million.

The GreenSky London initiative will produce the fuel, with partner Solena, under a facility to convert approximately 500,000 tonnes of waste to low-carbon jet fuel, 50,000 tonnes of biodiesel, bionaphtha and renewable power will be constructed.

Solena Fuels Corporation will provide the high-temperature gasification system that converts waste into synthesis gas (syngas), while Oxford Catalysts Group/Velocys will supply the Fisher-Tropsch reactors and catalyst that turns the syngas into liquid hydrocarbons for use as fuels.

There will be 1000 jobs created by the project whilst in the construction phase, and more than 150 once it’s fully operational by 2015.

“We are delighted that the GreenSky London project is getting ever closer to fruition,” says chief executive of British Airways, Keith Williams. “With world-class technology partners now in place, we are well on our way to making sustainable aviation fuel a reality for British Airways by 2015.”



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