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Thames Water receives lowest score for service

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thames waterThames Water scored 63% in it’s service initiave mechanism (SIM) statistics for 2011-13.

The companies that came out lowest were Southern Water, South East Water which both have 64 points and then Thames Water.

The top scoring company was Wessex Water and sewerage compnay that came out with 85 points, the average was 76 points for the industry.

Natalie Beckerman, customer service director for Thames Water, said: “We are not yet where we want to be, but we have made major improvements over the past year towards getting our customer service in a much better place.”

Ofwat will use the scores during the three years from 2011 to 2014 to penalise or reward companies during the price review next year.

The scores published on Friday are intended to provide the companies with information to factor into their business plan for 2015-20, which will be sent to Ofwat in December. Penalties for companies could be as low as minus 1 per cent of their regulated turnover, while rewards could amount to an extra 0.5 per cent.

Every company is scored on it’s annual performance, the number of complaints they receive and customer satisfaction of how their contacts are handled. The companies are scored out of 100 on their performance.

According to Ofwat, water companies will be able to use the scores alongside its methodology statement to “draw their own conclusions about their relative performance and likely rewards or penalties”.



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