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The European Commission needs CCS demonstration project now

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Eurelectric says that the European Commission may have failed to make a decision on funding of carbon capture and storage but a demonstration project is needed now.

The Eurelectric report out last week says that further discussions will be of not benefit and the CCS must concrete projects.

“Further discussion on the pros and cons of the technology would be unhelpful. If we cannot demonstrate the technology now, Europe could become locked into a considerably higher-cost trajectory to decarbonisation,” warns the report.

 Given the failure of the EC to award any funds under the NER300 programme to CCS projects yesterday, EURELECTRIC says funds allocated to cancelled CCS projects should be redirected towards other demonstration projects.
The member states need to move forward with CCS projects using revenues from auctioning allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System.
Resources in projects that are more likely to be successful in demonstrating the technology, should be pooled by the EU and the CCS industry.



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