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The Netherlands could become gas importer in next 10 years

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands could become the next gas importer in less than a decade, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The IEA found following the latest in-depth review of Dutch energy policies, that gas production from the nation’s Groningen field is in decline therefore the outlook for domestic unconventional gas is uncertain. The Netherlands is expected to change from a net exporter to a net importer of gas by 2025.

The national target for renewable energy sources is way behind schedule, with the share of renewables in the final energy consumption since 2005 increasing from 2.3% to just 4.5% in 2013 – still far from its ambitious target of 14% by 2020, according to the report.

The Netherlands is one of the highest fossil fuel intensive economies among IEA member countries, and although the IEA has praised the country for it’s new focus on energy efficiency, it has been urged to step up it’s efforts.

Maria van der Hoeven, IEA Executive Director said: “Promoting lower-carbon energy use, especially in industry and transport, makes economic sense and can improve both sustainability and competitiveness.”

The IEA is requesting that the Government of the Netherlands develops a longer term, consistent energy policy framework for 2030 and invests in energy efficient building and promotes it in industry and the heat sector.

It also suggests the nation to continue to “actively engage” with North-West European electricity and gas markets and across the EU on sustainable energy supply.




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