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Tighter fracking regulations proposed by Labour

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The Labour Party have today tabled amendments to the Infrastructure Bill for tighter fracking regulations.

The amendments that have been tabled would require well-by-well disclosure of the fluid used and baseline monitoring of methane levels in the groundwater.

 The inclusion of water companies as statutory consultees in the planning process and Environmental Impact Assessments for all fracking sites  would also be made mandatory.

Shadow energy minister Tom Greatrex, said: “Shale gas extraction must only be permitted to happen in the UK with robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring.

“Too often, David Cameron’s government have ignored genuine and legitimate environmental concerns in pursuit of a rhetoric-led policy.

“More must be done to meet the public acceptability test on shale and other unconventional gas if it is to be an alternative to imported LNG from Qatar.

“People need to have confidence that the regulatory framework protects their health and the environment.”

He added: “With eight out of 10 homes still reliant on gas for heating, and with declining North Sea gas reserves, shale may have a role to play in displacing imported gas.

“The type of relentless hype from many Tories not only overplays the likely impact of shale, but also leaves many feeling their concerns have not been properly addressed.”



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