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U.S “Learn & Conserve Plan” launched by Reliant

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Reliant is offering the Nest Learning ThermostatTM to customers with it’s new Learn and Conserve PlanSM.

The Nest thermostat “learns” about the customer’s lifestyle to create a personalized schedule based on temperature change history to guide them to energy efficient temperatures when at home and to conserve energy when away.

“Cooling accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of the average home’s electricity bill and with the Texas summer heating up, this plan couldn’t come at a better time,” said Elizabeth Killinger, Reliant senior vice president, Residential and Operations. “While only about 10 percent of programmable thermostats are ever actually programmed, 99 percent of installed Nest Learning Thermostats are running a schedule that reflects the owners’ lives.”

The plan provides a fix price for 24 months and can be controlled anywhere via a smart phone, tablet or laptop using the Nest mobile and web app.

The Nest thermostat is the brainchild of ex Apple employees Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers and is available to customers in the U.S and Canada.



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