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UK Businesses Wasting Half Their Energy

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British businesses could be wasting up to half their electricity after working hours are finished, according to smart meter data from over 6,000 meters studied by British Gas.

46% of the business electricity use is after working hours, between 6pm and 8am. Examples of this are lighting for car parks, permanently switched on fruit machines and vending machines left on over the weekend.

British Gas has launched the British Industry Insight Service to help businesses to save money through energy efficiency measures, including installing a smart meter on the business premises, with access to an online dashboard showing energy usage.

“Small and medium sized businesses … tell us that reducing their costs is essential to competing in a challenging economy, however, many don’t understand their electricity costs and how they could reduce them,” commented Marc England, managing director of SME Energy, British Gas Business. “Business Energy Insight has been designed to provide our customers more accurate bills and the insight to reduce their costs and improve their competitiveness.”

Simply switching off lighting in car parks over the weekend could save £1200 on an annual energy bill.

5 businesses are showing the results of their energy saving online, these include a bakers, public house, chocolate factory, local convenience store and manufacturing business.



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