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UK companies failing to achieve 80% cut in emissions by 2050

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A report produced by Forum for the Future and published by ENDS entitled “ Sustainable Business 2011: Reflecting on Progress” states that UK companies are failing to address the problem of climate change and are nowhere near achieving the target to cut emissions up to 80% by 2050.

The report indicates that progress on industrial carbon emissions, energy efficiency, decarbonising electricity generation and freight transport emissions has slipped back in the last year.

It looked at 16 indicators covering social, environmental and economic sustainability, which gave an overall picture of business performance on sustainability and the steps towards a low carbon economy.

It shows that carbon emissions and energy efficiency have increased in 2011, in line with a downward trend in the last 5 years. The Government’s target states that electricity carbon intensity needs to fall by 17g of CO2 every year between now and 2020. This is according to the CCC (Committee on Climate Change).

The Environment Data Services report shows that the average annual fall in electricity carbon intensity has been just 6.7g of CO2  since 2000. Industrial energy intensity has shown no net improvement since 2007, and road freight carbon intensity has reverted back to the levels in 2007.

ENDS editor- in-chief  Nick Rowcliffe says “Current business efforts to engage with the climate change dimension of sustainability are insufficient. Radical action is needed, including rethinking of business models”.



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