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UK Energy Strategists to Help China Tackle Climate Change

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This week, the UK energy strategists are in China to assist them in tackling climate change, and to secure it’s future energy supply.

China’s Energy Research Institiute (ERI) will be adapting the UK’s  ‘2050 Calculator’ to it’s own situation. This calculates the risk and trade-off’s of pursuing different energy futures, and will be done with the UK’s assistance.

The tool will be online and made available to the public as it has been in the UK as My2050’ which could model energy scenarios and balance the use of nuclear power and renewables.

ERI’s version of the 2050 Calculator, the China Calculator, will allow users – both experts and the general public – to decide how China will meet its energy needs up to 2050.

“The 2050 Calculator is a ground-breaking tool to help countries better plan their future energy strategy, in a transparent and evidence-based way,” says UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey.

Ravi Gurumurthy,  the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s director of strategy says he hopes to use the initiative in other countries.

“We are collaborating with China and other countries in building a wider base for this innovative and practical analysis, and I would like to invite other interested countries to join us in enriching this collaboration further,” he says.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘Prosperity Fund’ supports the China Calculator. They aim to tackle climate change, boost energy security and encourage an open economy in emerging nations.



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