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UK hopes to create interest in energy storage with new £20 million fund

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The UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has a new £20 million fund, which will be used to try and create interest in energy storage technologies.

There will be 2 energy competitions which will open shortly, one for large-scale energy storage demonstration projects and the other for research and feasibility studies into systems and components.

Potential participants for the Energy Storage Technology Demonstration Competition should contact the DECC now.  The competitions open in a few weeks time and the demonstrations should begin early next year.

S&C Electric Company, a member of the European Electrical Storage Network, which has been lobbying to get energy storage on the agenda, has welcomed the announcement.

“This will provide the much needed impetus to improve the efficiency of our electricity grid and help boost the integration of renewable energy sources,” says Andrew Jones of S&C. “[It] will help contribute towards the government’s overall understanding of its benefits and hopefully enable the market reforms required to facilitate its adoption.”

A £13 million Energy Storage R&D Centre focusing on portable energy storage technologies for low-carbon vehicles has been recently announced by the government.

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