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UK Supermarket Tesco Opens First All-LED Store in the Midlands

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The UK’s biggest supermarket chain, Tesco has opened it’s first all-LED store in Loughborough, The Midlands.

All the store lighting, including the exterior lights are LED. The LED lighting is more efficient in cold temperatures than standard lights so the lighting is also in the cold rooms. fridges and freezers, although they can’t be used in the bakery as the oven temperatures are too hot.

Tesco hopes to reduce it’s carbon with an aim to be carbon neutral by 2050, and the move will save the Express store around 30% of it’s energy bill, compared to conventionally-lit stores.

“The use of LED light fittings we can dramatically reduce energy usage, particularly at Express stores due to their smaller size and lower ceiling height,” says Tesco’s environmental programme manager, Emmily Sjolander. “If this delivers the energy savings we have estimated, it is likely that we would replicate this lighting system at other stores.”

In the past few years Tesco has opened some flagship zero carbon stores, the most recent one being in  Cefn Mawr, Wales which opened in March. The most effective of the energy measures used will then be considered for rollout across the 2700 UK stores.

But other high street retailers are also making progress, like Marks and Spencer that announced the achievement of carbon neutral status thanks to its Plan A initiative earlier this summer.

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