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UN report on climate change to call for ‘massive shift’ to renewables

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solar panels

A new report from the UN is expected to push for a 3 times the amount of solar and wind power. Increased carbon emissions mean that a reversal can only be made if there are significant changes in energy use.

The report will be released on Sunday  at a press conference in Berlin.

It will advise that if action is made to reduce carbon emissions by 2030, global temperatures could increase dangerously by over 2 degrees centigrade.

A shift to natural gas will be advised, all but cautiously by scientists, as opposed to using carbon intensive sources.

This is the third report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The first report argued that human action was the primary cause of global warming.

The second, released in March, outlined the effects of climate change on individuals and societies, with the impacts of climate change likely to be severe, pervasive and irreversible.

The three reports are part of the Fifth Assessment Report, a major study of the effects and causes of climate change.





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