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Up to £50,000 available for businesses for innovative ideas for waste prevention

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A fund has been set up named the Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund, which is worth £800,000 and is available to businesses, charities, councils and voluntary groups who can come up with new ideas for waste prevention.

Two or more parties working together can apply with local-level ideas for preventing waste of “priority materials” such as food, textiles, furniture, electronic and electrical equipment, paper, construction, healthcare and chemicals.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs plan entitled ‘Waste Prevention Programme for England’  outlines these materials.

Eligible projects include councils working with local companies to re-use and repair items that businesses no longer need and firms working with educational groups to design products that result in less waste.

Jude Andrews, Project Manager at WRAP which is managing the fund said: “Preventing waste is about finding ways to keep items in use longer and not generating as much waste in the first place.

“It’s about rethinking the way we do things – redesigning and remanufacturing the things we use – changing attitudes and changing behaviours about what we buy and what we throw away but most of all, working together and thinking creatively to do something about it.”

Home composting and food waste collections are not backed by the funding.




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