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US commercial refrigeration to lower it’s carbon emissions

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The Department of Energy in the US has estimated that carbon emissions will be cut by approximately 142 million metric tons – equivalent to the annual usage of 14.3 million homes – by implementing new efficiency standards for commercial refrigeration equipment.

Businesses could save up to $11.7 billion (£7bn), with the units improving their efficiency by around 30%.

A large commercial refrigerator used in supermarkets can consumer up to 17,000 kWh of energy every year while a large commercial freezer can use up to 38,000 kWh annually.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said: “In our supermarkets and grocery stores, refrigeration can use almost 40% of total energy use – contributing a large portion of these businesses’ utility bills. By improving the energy efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment – like restaurant-size fridges or the deli case at your local grocery store – we can make our businesses more competitive, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.”



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