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US retailer Walmart makes progress on wide-reaching environmental goals

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United States retailer Walmart has said it’s making good progress on wide-reaching environmental goals and social responsibility strategy and is also the second largest onsite green power generator in the country.

In its 2012 Global Responsibility report, Walmart sets out how it now generates 4% – or 1.1 billion kWh – of its annual electricity required to run its buildings around the world from onsite renewable energy project. The company now has a total of 180 renewable projects including microwind turbines and offsite wind developments, solar panels and fuel cells.

Walmart sources a further 18%  of electricity from renewable sources via the grid, but ultimately they want to source 100% renewable energy.

The company is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from a base of existing stores and distribution centres by 20% compared to 2005 levels. To the end of 2010 it says an overall reduction of 12.74%  has been achieved.

President and CEO Mike Duke told the company’s annual investment community meeting that Walmart is “strong and getting stronger”.

Walmart’s sustainability programme will, according to reports, add $150 million in benefits to the company’s bottom line.


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