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US to introduce stronger fuel efficiency standards

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Yesterday the US Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency announced stronger fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards for urgently required for light trucks and cars.

The new fuel economy and pollution standards covering model years 2017-2025 are equivalent to increasing the fuel efficiency to 54.5 mpg and will reduce oil consumption by an estimated 4 million barrels and reduce emissions by 2 billion metric tons.

The improvement will be nearly twice the standard set in the first phase of the programme, covering model years 2012-2016, which stands at 35.5 mpg.

The Obama Administration aims to address the omissions from cars, SUV’s, vans and light trucks which make up 60% of the country’s transport emissions. This should reduce the oil consumption for the US by 2.2 barrels of oil per day.

The benefits will also be noted by the drivers, who should save an average of $8000 per vehicle in fuel costs by 2025.

By setting a course for steady improvements in fuel economy over the long term, the Obama Administration is ensuring that American car buyers have their choice of the most efficient vehicles ever produced in our country,” says EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson.

Several car makers including General Motors, Ford, Fiat, Honda and Toyota have signed up to the fuel standards which requires an average 5% yearly improvement in efficiency, which may prove difficult for the heavy truck producers.

Some 2012 models will start to display an updated fuel economy and environmental label that includes information on annual and five-year costs. These labels will be mandatory for 2013 models, but many of the carmakers have voluntarily said they will adopt the system for 2012 vehicles too.




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