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Uswitch survey shows that consumers happier with smart meters

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Households that have a smart meter installed are happier with their suppliers, according to a new survey by Uswitch.com.

The survey showed that 92% of households are happy with their smart meters and 87% would recommend it to others.

12% of customers with smart meters said that they are happy with their supplier as a result of this and would recommend them.

72% were satisfied with their suppliers customer service, in comparison to 62% of traditional meter cusotmers.

81% use their meter to monitor their energy usage and reduce consumption, with reported behaviour including turning off the lights (51%) and identifying which actions use the most energy (41%).

50% said they are confident that their bills are now correct, with 43% being more confident of the energy they consume.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at Uswitch, said: “This is the clearest evidence yet that smart meters will be a game-changer for consumers.

“Those who have a smart meter aren’t just enjoying accurate bills and greater protection from debt. They are also using their meters to cut their usage, which in turn will help them to cut their bills.”



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